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Social Wellbeing

Not being able to hang out with your friends and family in person can be a drag. But there are many ways to still spend time together virtually!

Netflix Party: Netflix Party is a Google Chrome add-on that let’s you get together with friends to watch Netflix!

House Party: Houseparty is a free app for phones and tablets that allows you to video chat with your friends. 

SAGE Connect: SAGE matches LGBT elders with community members and allies who want to connect during this time. 

Playing Cards: This site allows you to play card games with your friends over the Internet – free of charge!

Collaborative Playlists: Work with your friends to create a collaborate playlist using Spotify.

Video Calls with Zoom: You may be using Zoom for your classes already, but you can also use it to hang out with friends!

Stay Connected with Fellow Students: Looking to connect socially with other students? A growing list of WVU online discussion groups is available here.

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