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Educational Resources

For Forming Healthier Relationships

College is a new beginning—a chance to pursue new interests, make new and different friends and discover the true you. Part of this discovery process will depend on the types of people you choose to keep company with. If the prospect of making new friends seems daunting, don’t worry—you’re not alone. In fact, you’re probably in the majority.

In high school, crossing the cafeteria to say “hi” to someone you didn’t know was probably unheard of. Thankfully, college is a lot different. Need an opener? Why not start with “Hi, my name is….” or “Mind if I sit here?” Chances are, the person you’re talking to was hoping someone like you would say hello.

New Places and Faces

College offers a variety of clubs to suit nearly every interest. Whether it’s academic, religious, community service-based or recreational, we bet you can find something that will strike your fancy. Joining an athletic activity, student government or an arts-related group will take your college experience to the next level. You’ll gain leadership experience, feel what it’s like to be part of a team, discover new talents and further develop those you already possess. Only a part of your time at college will be spent in the classroom, so it’s up to you to go out there and explore the unknown. Clubs and activities give you a built-in social network—the person signing up in front of you to work on the campus radio station may turn out to be a friend for life. So learn how to swing dance, lend a hand to the community or get political. You’ll be glad you did.

Students can explore clubs and organizations at WVU by visiting the WVUEngage website linked below.

Explore WVU Student Organizations

Developing Healthier Relationships

Learn about forming strong, stable connections so you can grow your sense of community on campus.


Learn methods for communicating effectively and authentically so you can form healthy connections.

Developing Confidence

Learn strategies for understanding yourself and becoming more confident in a variety of situations.

Becoming a Better Roommate

Cohabitating can be difficult but the right resources can help. Learn ways to improve your relationship with your roommate.

How to Help a Friend

Concerned about the wellbeing of a friend? Learn ways to effectively and respectfully get them help.

Unhealthy Relationships

Learn about unhealthy relationship dynamics, and detect early signs of potentially harmful relationships. Find the support resources you need.

Broken Heart

Break-ups can be devastating, but you are not alone. Learn strategies to recover and heal.

Long-Distance Relationships

Learn how you can strengthen your long-distance relationship and what to consider when entering a long-distance relationship.

Student-Teacher Conflict

Find guidance on navigating a conflict with a teacher. Your education is important and so are the dynamics you establish with professors.


Find Counseling Through Carruth

The Carruth Center for Counseling and Psychological Services is available to support all members of the WVU community through a variety of issues. Faculty, staff and students can make use of their counseling services by visiting their website.

Visit the Carruth Center Website