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Wellness Programs

WELLWVU programs provide interactive and engaging wellness education to students, faculty and staff. You can request our programs as tabling events, presentations and more. Requests for programs must be placed at least two weeks in advance.

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Popular Programs

Learn about some of our most popular programs or see all of our available programs lower on this page.

  • Condom Caravan

    The Condom Caravan is a tabling event that provides free safer sex materials to WVU students. The following items are available via the program: internal condoms, external condoms, dental dams, and lubricant.

  • Sex Jeopardy

    Sex Jeopardy is a Jeopardy style multi-player/team educational activity. The questions center around sexual health topics like STI’s and testing, contraception, communication, and more!

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  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Question and Answer

    This program is designed to meet the unique needs of your group by providing participants with the opportunity to submit questions, concerns, or topics of interest related to alcohol and other drugs before the program is presented.


    This is a “get up & move around” team game that takes students through a day in the life of WVU students.

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  • Time Management

    This workshop provides simple tools to help students effectively manage time as they move through their college experience.

  • Stress Management

    This workshop will walk participants through identifying their areas of perceived stress, guide them through a mindfulness practice, and use a re-framing worksheet to articulate the new perspective shift they've created.

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Custom Presentations

Not seeing what you want here? WELLWVU can create something designed specifically for your needs!

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Request A Program

Our office presents programs at locations across campus for groups of students. We also offer custom presentations tailored to your educational needs as requested. Program requests must be made at least two weeks in advance. Complete the form linked below to request a program.

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Contact our office at with any questions regarding program requests.

Browse available Programs by Topic

Browse all of our programs to find one that supports your specific educational needs.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Programs

These programs aim to develop students’ knowledge of protective factors that can keep them safer while drinking & decrease the negative consequences associated with alcohol and drug misuse.

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Students looking through stickers at a Condom Caravan tabling event

Sexual Health Programs

These programs are designed to increase student awareness of STIs, provide information on effective contraception, promote healthy relationships and communication, and dispel myths about sexual health.

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A student painting a canvas at ChillFest

Stress Management Programs

These programs provide students with tools to manage stress in their lives. Programs are available to help students improve their time management skills and make lifestyle changes that improve their mental and emotional wellness.

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