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Alcohol and Drug Misuse

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Crisis Support Resources

If you or another person are in danger, please call 911.

Our campus upholds a Medical Amnesty Policy that ensures you or another person may not be prosecuted for drug or alcohol related violations if you seek assistance during a medical emergency. If you or a friend are experiencing a crisis there are plenty of resources available to provide the support you need. You are never alone, and you deserve to receive help.

We see you. You matter. Keep Fighting.

WVU Carruth Center

24/7 Support (304) 293-4431
Visit the Carruth Website

WVU Collegiate Recovery Program

Monday - Friday, 9AM-5PM (304) 293-2547
Visit the Recovery Website

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

24/7 Support +1 (800) 662-4357
Visit SAMSHA's Website

Educational Resources

For Alcohol and Drug Misuse

Substance misuse and drug dependency are problems of staggering proportions in society today. They are the leading causes of preventable illness, disability, and death in the United States. Alcohol/chemical dependency is a disease that affects not only individuals, but every component of the family system, workplace, and the community.

Many college students are negatively effected by substance misuse in direct or indirect ways. If you or a friend are struggling with substance misuse, its important to know that you do not have to navigate the experience alone. Educating yourself on the topic and locating resources that offer support to people experiencing issues of substance misuse are great steps toward healing. Make use of the information below or reach out to any of the featured organizations to start your recovery journey. Learning about these topics is also an excellent way to recognize the signs of substance misuse in yourself or others and protect yourself from the dangers of harmful substances.

Raising Awareness and Changing Course

Learn about the misuse of drugs and alcohol so you can recognize the signs and make healthy decisions.

Alcohol Poisoning

Learn how to spot alcohol poisoning and what to do if you or a friend are experiencing symptoms.

Unhealthy Alcohol Use

Learn about the ways people struggle with the use of alcohol and how you can identify it.

Substance Misuse and Treatment

Learn about the ways that substances are misused in college populations and how to seek help.

Prescription Drug Misuse

Learn about commonly misused prescription drugs and find support.

Substance/Alcohol Use and Driving

It is never a good idea to drink and drive. See what a DUI could mean for you.


Related Programs

WELLWVU offers a variety of educational programs to be presented to groups of students. Read about alcohol and other drug programs we offer, like TIPS— "Training for Intervention Procedures" which addresses issues related to alcohol misuse on college campuses and more.

See Alcohol and Drug Prevention Programs

Recovery Resources

Having support resources on your pathway to recovery can mean the difference between achieving recovery and struggling to see it through.

These organizations were created to help you throughout your recovery. You are not alone in your journey toward sobriety, these resources and more are always available to you.

See WVU Recovery Resources

External Resources

For more information about alcohol and other drugs, visit these helpful outside resources.