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Wellness Educational Resources

We provide informational materials on topics that students will engage with during their time at WVU. These educational resources help students make informed decisions about their lifestyle. Our Campus Resource Card is another helpful tool for guiding students during their time at WVU.

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Popular Wellness Resources for Students

Read some of the educational resources that students find most helpful during their time on campus.

Becoming a Better Roommate

Cohabitating can be difficult but the right resources can help. Learn ways to improve your relationship with your roommate.


WELLWVU's ChillPACK is a month-long wellness challenge offering daily tips/tools for improving your overall well-being.

Party Smart Tips

Learn ways to lower your risk of encountering a dangerous situation while partying.

Bystander Intervention

Learn how to take action during and after witnessing an act of sexual violence.

Safer Sex

Learn ways to lessen your risk of STIs, engage in sexual activity in a healthier way, and care for the wellbeing of you and your partner(s).


Fentanyl overdoses are a rising issue across the country. Learn ways to get test-strips and improve your knowledge of the drug.


All Educational resources by Topic

Find more information about wellness topics you may encounter as a student organized by wellness topic.


Wellness Trainings

Discover modules offered by WELLWVU and other organizations to become a healthier and more informed member of the WVU community. Develop your mental health education through our trainings for mental and emotional wellbeing or broaden your alcohol and other drug education. Trainings are only available for current WVU students, faculty, and staff.

Learn About Trainings

WellWVU Wellcasts

Learn about wellness topics directly from the WELLWVU team.

Find video resources such as our "How-to-Tuesday" Series which provides instructional information about alcohol and drug prevention, sexual health and stress management. Our most recent video provides information on how to be an active bystander in situations of sexual violence.

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