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Stress Management Programs


WELLWVU offers several hands on programs and resources to help students reduce stress. According to a recent AP-mtvU poll, 85% of college students report feeling stressed daily. Simple activities that are easy to learn can dramatically change the way someone perceives stress. Learn about some of the programs we have developed to do the same.

Available Programs

These events can be requested by WVU students, faculty, and staff at locations and events across campus. We also offer custom presentations that can be tailored to specific wellness educational needs. Request one of our programs using the form linked below or reach out to our office via email at to get more information.

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This workshop provides simple tools for effectively managing your time as you move through your college experience. A fairly activity-heavy presentation that allows students to practice using effective strategies to increase their success in the college environment.

As the semester responsibilities build, so can our stress. But did you know that how we view stress can impact our performance and overall health? Research shows that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. In other words, it's all in how you relate to your challenges. This workshop will walk you through identifying your areas of perceived stress, guide you through a mindfulness practice that can help you relate to and turn towards your stress in new ways, and use a reframing worksheet to articulate the new perspective shift you've created. This session will include a few slides, some guided exercises and time for Q&A at the end. Feel free to bring a journal or notepad, but a worksheet will be provided.

Not seeing what you want here? Contact us directly at and we can create something especially for your needs!

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WELLWVU will visit your classroom or group meeting and deliver one of our programs upon request. Pre-planned and customized programs are also available. Program requests need to be made at least two weeks in advance.

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How to Have Healthy Sleep

Here tips for improving your sleep habits and lowering your stress levels. Learn about wellness topics directly from the WELLWVU team.

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