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The mission of WELLWVU is to foster the complete well-being of WVU students through education, promotion and related programs.

WELLWVU’s Office of Wellness and Health Promotion was formed in July 2009 with the purpose of delivering comprehensive wellness education to all WVU students. We aim to educate and empower students to live healthy, happy and productive lives. We support the mission of West Virginia University by advocating for policies on campus and in our community that support healthy living, and work to shift the culture at West Virginia University to one of health and wellbeing.

Our work is based on the latest in prevention research and we are committed to best practices in health education and evaluation. We apply a socioecological approach to our practice as individual health and societal structures are inextricably connected. We provide programs and services that are theory-based, evidence-driven, innovative, and student-centered. 

Functions of WELLWVU:

Provide Programs and Services: We work to provide innovative health promotion programming designed to meet the needs of our students, in addition to supplying necessary health promotion items essential for responsible decision-making. 

Promote Prevention: We are dedicated to educating and empowering students to help them realize their full potential using a multi-dimensional approach. 

Support Research in Best Practices: We support ongoing research efforts into all areas relating to health and wellness. We monitor, promote and incorporate best practices in all we do.

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