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Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

During these trying times, it’s important to prioritize your mental and emotional health so that you can effectively manage any issues that may come up.

chillPACK: Social distancing can add stress to your life. Try our chillPACK for quick exercises to turn around your thinking.

The Carruth Center: The Carruth Center has put together some great tips about dealing with the uncertainty of our current situation.
The Carruth Center has also partnered with WVU Online and Morneau Shepell to offer mental health and wellbeing support to WVU students living outside West Virginia.

WVU Medicine: WVU Medicine has many different virtual offerings to help support your mental health!

National Parks: Take a journey through the beautiful national parks scattered across the US.

Guided Meditation: Check out this collection of mindful meditations, courtesy of UCLA.

Lunch Doodles: Mo Willems is the Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence who hosts lunchtime doodle sessions every day at 1 pm!

Calm: Explore these free tools from to take care of your mind and stay grounded. 

Word Search Puzzles: If word searches are your thing, try this site for some printable, difficult, and free word search puzzles.

Coloring Pages: Enjoy coloring? This site has plenty of printable, free coloring pages for every skill level.

Stress and Coping: Check out the CDC’s resources for stress and coping during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Painting with Bob Ross: Paint ‘happy trees’ with Bob Ross as all 31 seasons of his show “The Joy of Painting” are now available for free.

Veggie Gardening: Michigan State University is offering free veggie gardening classes for beginners every day at noon. 

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