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Five Minutes to a Strong and Lean Body

Wondering how five minutes will do anything other than perhaps give you enough time to slip into your workout shorts and sneakers? What if five minutes a day could dramatically impact the way you look and feel about yourself?

You might belong to the camp of believers that feel they have to sweat for a solid 60 minutes in the gym before they’ve put a dent into changing their body. However, you might be in for a big surprise after learning—and seeing—that short workouts can also help make you strong and lean.

While you might not have the time (nor the energy…) to get yourself to the gym for an hour on a regular basis, chances are you have at least five minutes to get moving. So, turn that time into mini workouts and start the transformation. Ready for the challenge?

The exercises below target your entire body: legs, butt, hips, abs, back, arms, shoulders and chest. Perform these super-strengthening moves at least five days a week and you’re on the fast track to a new and improved you:

  • 20 Push-ups
  • 20 Seconds of Plank
  • 20 Bicycle Crunches
  • 20 Triceps Dips
  • 20 Squats

Guess what? You worked your entire body in about five minutes and you didn’t even need any equipment! Over the course of seven days you will have completed: 140 push-ups, 140 squats, 140 triceps dips and 140 bicycle crunches. If you do these moves twice a day, do the math. Still think it’s nothing? After completing a couple of weeks, take a good look at your mirror image, notice how energized you feel and then try to argue that five minutes is not enough to create change.

Up for bonus work? Adding 30 minutes of walking, running, swimming or other cardiovascular activity a day will increase your metabolism (the rate of calories burned) and decrease the body fat so that you can see those muscles underneath.

Fast forward: Imagine what your body will look like if you keep this simple, yet ultra-effective routine going for another two, three, or even four weeks. Short workouts can be very effective when you are doing the exercises with focus—think quality, not quantity. Do you see how you have an advantage over your friends who don’t work out at all because they don’t have a full hour in their schedule for the gym?

Change your mind: If you want to feel good about the way you look, start with something you can actually stick to and know that consistent effort pays off. You don’t expect to get an A on your final by starting to study the night before, do you?

So, why don’t you get your first workout in right now?


(check off the days you did your routine)

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Note: Maintaining balance to prevent injury is extremely important when performing squats. Keep feet flat on the floor and if necessary, extend arms straight out in front of the body to help provide stability.

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