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Comparing Yourself to Others

When it comes to body image, we are our own harshest critics. But did you know that by re-writing your mental script, you can actually change your attitude? The next time a negative thought passes through your mind, try switching your way of thinking and see what happens.

When you think: “My thighs are huge.”
Switch to: “I have strong legs that carry me where I need to go.”

When you think: “My stomach is so big, people must think I’m pregnant.”
Switch to: “I’m a woman and I have curves—that’s natural and attractive.”

When you think: “I wish I could look like [insert name of favorite celeb].”
Switch to: “Celebrities have a team of stylists working on them and airbrushing to make their photos appear perfect. Nobody’s perfect.”

When you think: “My body’s too thin—I look weak.”
Switch to: “This is an acceptable physique for a man my size.”

When you think: “My teeth look kinda yellow. Do I need a whitening product?”
Switch to: “My teeth serve me when I chew my food. They are healthy and normal-looking and I won’t buy into commercials that tell me otherwise.”

When you think: “My breasts are too small—I don’t feel like a real woman.”
Switch to: “Women come in all shapes and sizes and my boobs are beautiful!”

When you think: “I’m only 20 and my hair is thinning. I look so old!”
Switch to: “Less hair just means more attention for my stunning face.”

When you think: “When people see me eating, I feel like a pig.”
Switch to: “Eating is the normal way to nourish my body. It’s something I can relish and enjoy.”

When you think: “If I went to the gym, everyone would be looking at me and laughing.”
Switch to: “Exercise is something I can do for my body because I care about it. I can focus on my routine and make it enjoyable.”

When you think: “My nose is too big. I want plastic surgery.”
Switch to: “My features make me different from everyone else and imperfections can be sexy.”

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