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What to Know About BORGs


BORGs (short for "Black Out Rage Gallons") are a recent trend on college campuses. A standard BORG typically includes 17 standard alcoholic beverages. The amount of alcohol in BORGs can cause high BAC and unsafe levels of intoxication, even if drinking the BORG is spread out over an entire day (or during a day party).

If a 170 lb. person drank half of a standard BORG in 4 hours, their BAC would be around 0.20%, which can cause vomiting, nausea, and impairment of sensory functions.

If a 200 lb. person drank a whole BORG in 6 hours, their BAC would be around 0.34%, which can cause loss of consciousness, central nervous system depression, and alcohol poisoning (a life-threatening condition).

While you may have an accurate idea of the ingredients in the BORG, and can control nothing else being slipped inside because of the lid on the container, it's important to remember that alcohol is still the number one substance used to facilitate sexual assault.

While the University doesn't recommend drinking from a BORG, if you choose to do so, keep these additional safety tips in mind:

  • Alternate water in between drinks from the BORG.

    • Consider saving the water that you dump out of the jug when you're making your BORG. You can drink that later if you pour it into a water bottle.

  • Go slow. Take smaller drinks and spread-out drinks over time.

  • Avoid flavoring mixers with caffeine. Caffeine masks the effects of alcohol, which can cause someone to consume more than they intended.

  • If someone is showing signs of alcohol poisoning (in and out of consciousness, pale/bluish skin, vomiting, 8 breaths or less per minute) call 911. For more information on WVU's Medical Amnesty policy, visit the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.

  • Reduce the amount of alcohol added. You control what goes in there - and no one else will likely notice if you put less alcohol in. Remember your limits!

  • Add water (or ice) to your BORG throughout the day/night when you're drinking.

  • Split the BORG with a friend or a few friends.

  • Don’t try to finish a BORG in one drinking session. Plan for it to last multiple days.

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