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Nutrition Labels

Do you care about what you eat? Do you watch your fat or sugar intake? Reading nutrition labels might seem challenging because there’s so much to consider: fat, protein, calories, sugar…. But what’s important? We’ll show you how to figure out whether you picked the right stuff or whether you’re heading for a nutritional disaster.

Let’s imagine you crave pizza. You go to the supermarket and pick the ‘Four Cheese Pizza’ and the ‘Deluxe Combo Pizza’ and want to know which one is the better choice.

First, take a look at:

This pizza contains mostly cheese and flour, so it’s likely to be in calories, fat and carbohydrates. Although wheat flour is a good start, also look for products that are
enriched, meaning they have nutrients added to the ingredients. Also, don’t avoid the veggies. Adding veggies to a pizza makes for a healthier, tasty meal!!

And if you happen to see an ingredient list that sounds more like your chemistry text book than food, think twice about buying it. You don’t want to experiment with your health. See if there is another option that is better for you.

So, who’s the winner here? Hopefully the Deluxe landed in your shopping basket. If the cheese pizza is in there too, share it with your friends to keep from racking up the calories!

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