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Sexual Health

Sexual Health programs are designed to increase knowledge of STIs affecting the college population, dispel common myths about sexual health, communicate effective contraception and preventative methods while promoting STI testing, healthy relationships and proper condom use.

WELLWVU Sexual Health 

Condom Caravan

The Condom Caravan is a tabling event that provides free safer sex materials to WVU students. The following items are available: internal condoms, external condoms, dental dams, and lubricant. 

You can order supplies online by clicking here and filling out the form. This program is also available upon request. Requests for Caravans in residence halls or other campus locations can be made through our Program Request form. 

Sex Jeopardy

Sex Jeopardy is a Jeopardy style multi-player/team educational activity. The questions center around sexual health topics like STI’s and testing, contraception, communication, and more! Condoms, lubricant, and dental dams are provided. Requests for Sex Jeopardy for classrooms, residence halls, or other campus locations can be made by filling out our Program Request form.


Presentations on STIs and safer sex methods are available upon request and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. To request a presentation, please fill out our Program Request form.

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