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Our programs are designed to help you increase fruit, vegetable and whole grain consumption, gain practical experience with preparing healthy food and be able to identify nutrient dense foods.

WELLWVU Farmer’s Market

The WELLWVU Farmer’s Market runs every Thursday beginning in August to the end of October. By way of WELLWVU, local farmers and vendors provide easy access for students to purchase FREGGIES all throughout the fall!

Nutrition Programs

“Eat This, Not That” Trivia

A trivia game used to educate students on choosing healthy FREGGIE (fruit & vegetable) options in a variety of food categories (yogurt, fruit & nut bars, frozen vegetable meals, and dining hall options).

Students learn how to spot “hidden ingredients” that affect nutritional value, how to choose healthier food based on nutrient density, and tips for increasing FREGGIE consumption to meet the 5-a-day goal.

Smoothie Creation

A hands-on opportunity to create a healthy smoothie. Education on nutrient density, cutting fruits and vegetables and avoiding smoothie pitfalls.

FREGGIE Match-Up, FREG In Season

Well-suited for a classroom presentation or tabling event, these board games put student’s FREGGIE knowledge to the test.

Learn which FREG contain high amounts of certain vitamins and minerals as well as when different FREGGIE are in season and how to prepare them. The games can be offered in conjunction or as separate activities.

WVU Student Cookbook

A WVU Student Cookbook featuring a collection of student submitted recipes. The goal of this cookbook is to show students that professional skills are not required to cook a healthy and delicious meal.

Download WVU Student Cookbook - pdf

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