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Mental Health Training Resources

Read through the descriptions of provided trainings and select your next step!

*Trainings are only available to WVU students, faculty, and staff*

Mental Health First Aid Training

Sponsored by the Division of Student Life, Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an evidence-based training that includes assessing for suicide or harm, listening non-judgmentally, giving reassurance and information, and encouraging professional help and self-help strategies. 

The information is presented by WVU's certified instructors in a variety of formats, including virtual, blended, and in-person. There is a maximum capacity of 30 participants per training.

* Please note, this training requires a substantial time commitment. There are a few options to consider:

  • Option 1: No online pre-work. Course length of approximately 7 to 8 hours, in person. 
  • Option 2: Two hours of online pre-work. Course length of approximately 5.5 to 6 hours, in person.
  • Option 3: Two hours of online pre-work. Course length of approximately 6.5 hours, virtually.
You can designate which version of the course you would prefer in the Qualtrics form (link is below next section). 

Mental Health 101 Training

This 90-120 minute training, available for both staff and students, focuses on the following:
  • Current national mental health statistics in addition to WVU-specific characteristics
  • Effective listening skills
  • In-depth look at the services provided by the Carruth Center and the CARE Team
  • Reviews the warning signs of suicide 
  • Allows participants the opportunity to practice how to safely intervene with students who are in distress.  

To request either of the trainings listed above, please fill out this form


WVU students, staff, and faculty have access to Kognito, a unique mental health simulation program. Users enter a virtual environment and engage in role-play conversations with emotionally-responsive virtual humans. The user receives personalized feedback in real time to help build their confidence and competency to lead similar conversations in real life. To learn more about the program and to access the modules, please visit the Carruth website

Get Inclusive Mental Wellbeing modules 

Get Inclusive provides self-paced mental well-being modules for undergraduates, graduate students, and student athletes. Every WVU student, staff, and faculty member currently has an account with Get Inclusive. Though these modules are geared towards students, we encourage staff and faculty members to work through them as they provide useful insight so that we can better serve our students. 

If you would like for us to batch assign this module for your group, please select the option for this module in the Qualtrics form, linked above. 

Follow the "magic links" below to self-enroll in the courses: 
*If you experience issues with accessing the module, please contact

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