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Peer Education

The Student Wellbeing Ambassador Team (S.W.A.T.) provides educational programming and outreach services to the West Virginia University students throughout campus year long.

Students talking about SWAT


S.W.A.T. is a group of trained and certified students interested in being a part of a broader culture of wellbeing here at WVU. These peer educators, or what we like to call them, Wellbeing Ambassadors, are trained every semester to facilitate and properly educate the content of each WELLWVU liveWELL theme. S.W.A.T. works closely with R.A.s, student organizations, and other departments at WVU to maintain the furthest reach around campus in order to educate their peers on healthy lifestyle choices. This type of peer education is done through fun and interactive games and discussions. S.W.A.T. members also help produce content for the various liveWELL marketing campaigns, facilitate and promote the many WELLWVU run events, such as chillFEST, Condom Caravan, Farmer’s Market and any other appearance centering around the iconic WELLWVU Gazebo.

Every student has the ability to lead and can play a role in creating a campus culture where all can thrive! All students are welcome to join, no matter what background or major. For more information, contact the WELLWVU Office of Wellness & Health Promotion at 304-293-5054 or email .

Fall 2017 S.W.A.T. Members

Fall 2017 SWAT
What our S.W.A.T. alumni are saying
“After moving to Pittsburgh by myself & starting in the workforce, I felt an overwhelming amount of emotions. It was my roots from WELLWVU that brought tranquility back to my life. I returned to the content I used to promote to students at WVU, specifically sleepWELL, moveWELL, & eatWELL, to get me through my weeks. I’m so thankful for my time at WELLWVU, I will cherish it forever.” - Markee Shamblin

“Working with WELLWVU and being able to make a difference in my peers lives was truly amazing. The content we promoted to students not only helped them, but also helped me keep my life in check during my hectic undergraduate years. I have continued peer education, teaching the same mindfulness we would promote during chillWELL at WVU, but now with my med school classmates here at NYU.” - Nick Blasingame

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