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CHOICES toolkit

The CHOICES toolkit, created by WELLWVU at West Virginia University was designed for use with college students to mitigate high risk drinking on campus.

The CHOICES toolkit is an experiential game that incorporates motivational enhancement and multi-component skills training to engage students in conversations related to social norms, developing discrepancy and supporting self-efficacy in the choices that they make around drinking. 

Choices Toolkit

The game is designed for play with 15 to 20 students, but can be adapted for smaller groups. Students playing the game are guided by the facilitator to tell a story with playing cards that depict what might be considered a typical college partying experience. The facilitator guides the group through a process of reflection and discovery related to the realism of the story, social norms, choices and decision making. It is helpful if the facilitator has some knowledge of and experience with motivational enhancement techniques.

Learning Objectives for CHOICES:

  • Students will understand that they have a multitude of CHOICES of behaviors in a night of partying.
  • Students will recognize the power they have to self-design their behaviors and plan for positive outcomes related to partying.
  • Students will be challenged to rethink the choices that they make around alcohol.
  • Students will understand that partying outcomes are directly related to the choices they make.
  • Students will identify and discuss social norms and consider the ability that they have, collectively and individually, to change them.

The CHOICES toolkit includes:

  • A carrying case with game description and objectives on it
  • 4 Facilitator Cards – with Instructions for Game Play and Resources related to protective factors, BAC, and alcohol poisoning
  • 22 Game 1 cards (Black)
  • 8 Game 2 cards (Grey)

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