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Health Promotion



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The WELLWVU loveWELL programs are designed to increase knowledge of STIs affecting the college population, dispel common myths about sexual health, and to communicate effective contraception and preventative methods while promoting STI testing and proper condom use. loveWELL this year also includes messages about healthy relationships, communication and consent.


Sex Jeopardy

  • Interactive ”game show” style activity which includes information about STI’s, communication and more. Sex Jeopardy combines facts and fun all in one activity!

Condom Caravan

  • Request to have the Condom Caravan at your residence hall or event! Male condoms, female condoms, and all your safe sex needs can be purchased here, .25 cents a piece or 5 for $1.00!

To see the Condom Caravan schedule, click here.

Condom Sense

  • Put your Condom Sense to use and test out your knowledge of proper condom usage during this quick and interactive game.