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Health Promotion




WELLWVU drinkWELL Programs aim to increase students’ knowledge of protective factors to keep them safe while drinking & decrease the negative consequences associated with alcohol misuse.

ALC—The Alcohol Literacy Challenge

  • ALC puts students beliefs about the effects of drinking alcohol to the test! This underage & binge drinking
    program shows how modern alcohol marketing is designed to cause people to produce strong beliefs about
    drinking. A trained ALC Facilitator will help students learn the real, physical effects, & the “expectancy”
    effects people think happen when they drink during this interactive program!
  • Approximately 60 minutes

TIPS—Training Intervention Program

  • TIPS for the University addresses the difficult problems of alcohol misuse on college campuses. This interactive program encourages an informal & conversational atmosphere in which the students are the experts! Students are the ones who can lead the way to creating a responsible campus environment & TIPS shows us that!
  • Approximately 3 hours
  • There is a $20 fee per participants to cover training manuals. Groups should not be larger than 35 participants per sessions.


  • This hazing and binge drinking prevention program consists of a brief video that documents the tragic death of a fraternity pledge due to hazing, followed by a discussion about different forms of hazing, how alcohol and hazing are related, and how students can be involved in hazing prevention and keep each other safe, if they choose to drink!


  • This is a “get up & move around” team game that takes students through a day in the life of WVU students! CHOICES allows students to work through the storylines & together learn protective factors related to alcohol consumption along the way.
  • Approximately 60 minutes

Bartender School

  • A quick, interactive game where students can put their knowledge of standard alcohol proportions to the test! During Bartender School, students will have a pop quiz with a member of S.W.A.T. to learn tips to keep them safe & healthy while drinking.


  • A proven effective online education program for helping students practice safe & healthy choices. Incoming WVU students under 21 are required to complete the program, but other groups can request access as well! The program provides students with baseline knowledge & awareness of alcohol issues while motivating action & allowing them to set personal goals.

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Please be sure to include the specific name of the program you’re interested in along with various potential dates & times. If you would like more in-depth details or clarification on what might work best for your group, feel free to contact Wes Thomas! (