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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Become a WVU Peer Advocate

WVU students are encouraged to apply to become WVU Peer Advocates. As a WVU Peer Advocate, you will be trained to help sexual assault survivors on campus find resources available to them.

Becoming a WVU Peer Advocate will not only allow a students to develop leadership skills in the areas of advocacy, community responsibility and collaboration, but all advocates will be offered training covering everything from the confidentiality process to peer-crisis intervention, exploration of gender and role issues to effective communication and listening skills.

Learn more about becoming a WVU Peer Advocate here.

Violence Prevention Programs

WELLWVU Office of Wellness and Health Promotion offers a violence prevention program at WVU called Green Dot. Based on cutting edge research, Green Dot aims to train students to intervene in situations that are likely to result in power-based personal violence, such as rape, stalking, bullying and partner violence. Doing a Green Dot might be something as simple as stopping to check on a friend who is showing early signs of being in an abusive relationship, making sure all of your friends get home safely after a night out, or calling the police when an argument in the apartment next door seems like it’s getting out of hand. Whatever you decide to do to help we need you to do SOMETHING, and Green Dot is here to help.

Doing a Green Dot does not always involve responding to a risky situation. You can do Green Dots proactively by just having a conversation with your niece or nephew about how important it is that they never bully others. You can tell your friends that everyone should take responsibility for preventing violence; by just making your values and expectations clear, you are contributing to the solution.

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In order to reduce violence at WVU, we need to start doing Green Dots! Nobody has to do everything, but everyone has to do something!

How Do I Get Involved?

The Green Dot program has two main components. First, anyone in the community can attend a Green Dot Overview Speech. The centerpiece of the Green Dot Program, this presentation will help lay out the case for getting bystanders involved to solve the problem of violence on our campus as well as establish options for bystanders who are willing to help but are not sure what to do. This is not a presentation that is long and brimming with boring statistics; it’s fun, fast-paced, and takes less than an hour.

The second component of Green Dot is the Bystander Training. In it, we’ll cover early warning signs of various kinds of violence, strategies for intervening to help keep others safe, bystander dynamics, and lots of experience-based practice. This training is more demanding than the Overview Speech, but participants in the Green Dot Bystander Training will be the best prepared to stop violence at WVU!

To schedule an Overview Speech or Bystander Training for your class or organization, please complete the Wellness Program Request form.

Self-Defense Training


Come learn the skills you need to defend yourself with PROTECT, a self-defense class to help keep you safe. Click the logo above to learn more.

Welcome To The Party

Welcome to the Party

This presentation/curriculum revolves around a realistic movie about sexual assault prevention made at WVU. The film is 26 minutes in length but the program is scheduled for no less than 50 minutes to include debriefing and discussion. Students describe it as very powerful.