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Sexual Health Services

Sexual Health Services

Confidential HIV testing

Available by appointment at Student Health. Monongalia County Health Department and Health Right Clinic are alternatives in Morgantown for anonymous HIV tests. Say “No!” to casual sex. Having one partner for a short time and then moving on to another partner (this is referred to as serial monogamy) can be high risk behavior.

STI Testing Information

Student Health offers STI Testing for all students. Click here for more information on STI Testing - What You Should Know.

For women only

Once a woman becomes sexually active or reaches the age of 21 she should have a PAP test. This test checks for early signs of cancer and often detects abnormalities possibly consistent with STIs. Assuming the PAP is normal it should be performed annually or as advised by your health care provider. Breast self exams should be performed monthly and breast exams by a health care professional should be performed every two or three years for college aged women.

For men only

Testicular cancer is one of the most common forms of cancers among college aged men. It can usually be cured if found early. Testicular self exams should be performed monthly by men. For more information, visit Men's Health Screening.

Emergency contraception medication (the “morning after pill”)

Emergency contraception medication is available over the counter at drug stores for situations where contraceptive protection was compromised, such as condom failure, unprotected sex or sexual assault. Emergency contraception medication is effective at reducing the risk of pregnancy in such a situation if started within 120 hours. However, it should be emphasized that administering it as soon as possible will increase its effectiveness.

Emergency contraception is available over the counter at local pharmacies. To learn more, go to Emergency Contraception and Pregnancy Prevention.