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Directions from the PRT Station

Health Sciences Center Entrance: If you are traveling to Student Health on the PRT, go to the “Medical” station. The stairs leaving the PRT station lead to the north end of the Health Sciences Center. Enter at the McQuain Pavilion entrance. Follow the gold tape on the floor through the main hall until reaching the elevators. You will be on the first floor and your destination is the ground floor (not basement). When you depart the elevators, follow the gold tape to Student Health.

Driving Directions

If you are arriving to the Medical Center Campus in a private vehicle: Approach from Patteson Drive, which turns into VanVoorhis Road. At the light at the WVU Alumni Center and Fieldcrest Hall, turn onto Elmer Prince Road (Elmer Prince is on the same side as these WVU facilities). Veer left at the flag poles, and proceed up the hill, to a white parking booth where a guard will give you directions on where to park.

After parking, walk up the hill toward the McQuain Pavilion entrance. Once you enter the Pavilion entrance, follow the gold tape on the floor to the elevator. Take the elevator to the ground floor (not basement) and follow the gold tape to Student Health.

You will need to acquire a parking permit from Student Health when you check in for your appointment.

We encourage all students to approach Student Health on the PRT. Significantly ill, injured or non-ambulatory patients can be accommodated on the Health Science Center restricted access Gold West Parking Lot.


Robert C Byrd Health Sciences Center
PO Box 9247, Morgantown, WV 26506