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Introduction to the Family Planning Program

Introduction to the Family Planning Program

Family Planning Program

The Family Planning Program is a federally funded program which allows you to receive contraceptive supplies. You are eligible for the supplies after completion of the following requirements:

  • A routine annual gynecologic exam, which includes a PAP smear and basic STI screening, may be scheduled by calling 304-293-WELL. Please let the receptionist know if you have an urgent gynecology problem so that you can be appropriately scheduled in a medical appointment.
  • Attendance at one of the following types of enrollment sessions.
  • Enrollment Session A: for those using Oral Contraception (Birth Control pills). This will involve completion of forms, a brief review of Oral Contraception (Birth Control pills), safe sex, breast self-exam, and answering any questions you have. This will be in groups of up to six women.
  • Enrollment Session B: for those starting or continuing Depo-Provera, the diaphragm, or the Nuva-Ring. This is done on an individual basis in a double slotted supply appointment.
  • Enrollment Session C: Individual or couples sessions available on request. * Patients requesting Implanon/Nexplanon, or IUD will need a consultation visit with a provider, rather than one of the above enrollment sessions.

You will receive your contraceptive supplies at the completion of your enrollment session.

A supply appointment three months after initiating a new form of contraceptive is required. This consists of blood pressure, weight check, a discussion to check for side effects and dispensing of supplies. A pelvic exam is not a routine part of a supply visit. A supply appointment is also for individuals receiving their Depo-Provera every 10-12 weeks.

There is a $35 service fee for annual gynecologic exam, $25 for enrollment session, $25 for supply appointment.

Gynecological Problems

Separate from the topic of the Family Planning Program: problems of a gynecologic, or women’s health nature may be seen in a general medicine appointment. Examples of such problems would be vaginal irritations and discharges, irregular bleeding, pregnancy testing, and sexually transmitted infection concerns. Evaluation in general medicine appointments addressing gynecological concerns will not fulfill the Family Planning Program enrollment requirement. In other words, gynecological problems seen or treated in general medicine appointments do not replace an annual exam. These appointments require a $15 service fee and may be scheduled in the next available general medicine appointment that is convenient for you, or as a walk-in. Depending on appointment availability these appointments can usually be the made for the same day you call.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception medication, “the morning after pill”, can be given up to five days after a situation where contraceptive protection was compromised, such as condom failure, unprotected sex or sexual assault. Statistics show that the morning after pill is most effective if taken as close to the incident as possible. The medication, known as Plan B, is available to those 18 years of age and older at local pharmacies without a prescription, or can be obtained at WELLWVU Student Health. Call and talk with one of our professional nurses if you have any questions concerning emergency contraception.

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