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Important Changes in Student Health Care

Please download the following PDF document regarding student health and insurance

Important Changes in Student Health PDF

Updates to information are constant. Please check back frequently for the most current information.

WVU is pleased to announce that we have selected Aetna Student Health as our student health insurance plan carrier beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year.

Although medical insurance coverage is not mandatory for all students, it is highly recommended. WELLWVU Student Health is designed as your source of primary health care during your student years. However, there may be a time when more extensive medical treatment or emergency care is needed which is beyond our scope.

West Virginia University has negotiated with the Aetna Student Health to offer a comprehensive affordable health insurance plan for our students. We encourage students to consider the Aetna Student Health Plan if they do not have coverage as a means to protect themselves against unexpected, unforeseen medical expenses.

International Students

It is the policy of West Virginia University that all international students must carry medical health insurance while a student at WVU. The international student has the option to participate in the Aetna Student Health Plan or provide evidence of private health insurance coverage that is comparable to Aetna Student Health Insurance plan. Find more information for international students here.

Domestic Students

All domestic students taking three or more credit hours are eligible to enroll in the Aetna Student Health Insurance plan. The enrollment deadline for Spring 2014 is January 24, 2014 and all enrollments must be completed by that date. Find more information for domestic students here.

Enroll Now

For questions about Plan Coverage, Insurance ID, or Claims, call 1-866-654-2338 or visit (you may create an account to review your plan and claims).

See the basics of the plan’s benefits.

Benefit Summary 2013-2014

Information for Parents

More information regarding the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan can be found in the Aetna Parent Brochure or on Aetna’s website

Insurance Plan Brochures

2013 - 2014 Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure

2012-2013 Student Health Insurance Plan Brochure