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Allergy injections are given:
Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm

Physician’s Order:

Allergy vaccines are a prescribed medication. We must have a written order from your physician stating dosage schedule and expiration date for each bottle of allergy vaccine. Your physician’s signature must accompany your instructions for administration of the vaccine. Injections will not be given if instructions are inadequate. If problems develop that are not answered by the information you give us, you will be asked to contact your physician for further instructions.

  • Download the Allergy Consent Form which must be submitted by the student and Allergist to receive allergy injections.
  • Your first allergy visit, whether you are a new or returning patient, MUST be scheduled with a provider. Please allow sufficient time if you wish to receive your injection immediately following that appointment. Subsequent allergy visits should be scheduled with the nurse. Call 293-7200 to schedule your allergy visits.
  • For more information on Chronic Medical Conditions, click here .


  • Check in at the front desk. A $15.00 Service Fee will apply. Please have a seat in the Waiting Room and the Nurse will call you.
  • Make time in your schedule so that you will be able to wait at least 30 minutes after your injection. This is for your protection. Report a reaction to a nurse as soon as you suspect it. If an immediate reaction should occur, medical care is then immediately available to you.


* You may store your vaccines in our refrigerator, however, we cannot be responsible for missing or damaged vaccine. * Ordering new vaccine is the responsibility of the patient. Please have the vaccines sent to you directly. Vaccines should not be mailed to Student Health.

Be an Informed Medical Consumer – You Should know:

  • Type of allergies
  • Name of allergist
  • Dosage schedule
  • Reactions that may occur after an allergy injection:

LOCAL (occurring at the site of the injection)

  • itching
  • redness
  • swelling

SYSTEMIC (felt all over)

  • shortness of breath
  • dizziness
  • hives

Reactions may be immediate, usually occurring in the first 15 minutes after an injection. Report a reaction of this type to a nurse as soon as you suspect it. Or, reactions may be delayed, occurring 12-24 hours after the injection. Report reactions of this type to a nurse before you receive your next injection.

We want you to receive your allergy injections as safely and efficiently as possible. Take an active part in your care.

We do not do allergy skin testing or combine allergy extracts for a single injection.

Students must take their allergy extracts with them when they leave for summer break -any extracts left behind that have expired will be discarded.