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Email, text, or call someone to thank them for a recent or good deed, kind word, or action...

Or just for being a good friend, coworker, or family member.

Start your day by re-reading your positive experience from yesterday, re-live it as if you were in the moment, and enjoy the health benefits.

Your brain is 31% more productive, an you'll see increases in intelligence, creativity, resiliency, motivation, and energy.

Buy a pack of "Thank You" cards or create a homemade thank you note to give to someone.

With your cellphone or camera, take a picture of something around you that you are grateful for. Share your gratitude with someone else by forwarding the picture or by posting it!
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Passion Meditation

Pause, find a comfortable seat and notice your breath. Think about a time you felt inspired or passionate about something in your life. Select one time and remember the feeling you had in that moment. With a remembrance of that sensation, notice the breath again. Take your back teeth, and with lips lightly apart, let the breath flow steadily in and out through your nose. Take several natural breaths this way. Bring your awareness to your heart space, the center of your chest. Imagine a spark in the center of your chest. Let it symbolize your aliveness or your passion. As you inhale, watch the spark begin to grow into a steady flame, increasing the sensation of aliveness in your heart. As you exhale, feel the sensations of the flame-warmth, aliveness, and the remembrance of your feeling of passion-spreading throughout your body. sit with this image, sensations and breath for several minutes. Before closing, set an intention for yourself to connect with your passion each day.

Exercising teaches your brain that *your behavior matters*. Perform your favorite form of exercise today, and be grateful for your ability to move, interact, or take a break from the school work.

Appreciation Meditation

Try this. Put your hand on your heart, in the center of your chest, and find a sincere feeling of appreciation for someone or something in your life (a person, place, or pet, for example). Choose something that's easy to appreciate, with no negative emotional history to color your appreciation. Feel that appreciation from your heart for several minutes. Notice any changes in your feeling worlds or perceptions compared to before this exercise? This is the grateful heart in action.

Reflect on your favorite childhood activity and the happiness associated with it. Think Play-Doh, jumping into a pile of leaves, throwing a snowball, riding a bike, your favorite toy, etc. re-enter this positive association and egange in this activity!

Shine Meditation

Take a comfortable seat. Ask your mind to let go of any thoughts, ask your body to be steady, ask your heart to be open. (It's okay if it doesn't feel like this happens-just setting the intention for it to happen helps). Sitting tall, notice the foundation of your seat beneath you. Notice an upward lift of your spine that extends through the center crown of your head. Connect the inhalation of your breath to the upward lift of your spine. Connect the exhalation of your breath with a sense of steadiness in your seat. Accept each inhalation of the breath as an opportunity to know your true self. We are all much more than we believe ourselves to be, know that with each inhalation of your breath. Accept each exhalation of the breath as an opportunity to express the essence the essence of who you are back out into the world. Smile with each exhalation of the breath, imagine yourself shining out and sharing your light with the world.

You've done a great job recognizing gratitude, now let's move into DOING gratitude. Today, open the door for someone, smile at a stranger, make eye contact with your check-out clerk, op a quarter into someone's expired meter, or another random act of kindness.

PASS IT ON, Send ripples of positivity into the world!

Go outside, and find a small rock. Put this rock in your pocket. Every time your hand touches the rock throughout the day, mentally note something that you are grateful for. At the end of the day, take out the rock, and try to recollect all of the things you were grateful for.

Use the opportunity of waiting in traffic, at a red light, for the PRT or the bus to reflect on something you are grateful for, look for the good and it will be there.

Find an image online or in your files that helps you shift toward being positive. It might be one of nature, friends, or inspiring people. Check out our Pinterest Board of chillWELL images and suggest some more! Save it as your screensaver or share it with us on Facebook at

Shift your heart, mind and body into gratitude.

Set an alarm or stopwatch for 2 minutes, and think positively on what you are grateful for. Think positively on what you are grateful for. Eliminate any distractions or negative thoughts. Feel free to think positively for a longer period of time!

Perform a random act of kindness today. *PASS IT ON*, Share the gratitude!

First thing in the morning, read the following out loud, slowly, and reflect on the words' meanings.

"Good morning, World! Thank you for this new day to live my life. I am so grateful for my family, friends, neighbors, business associates, and everyone else in my life. I am grateful to have a place to live, food to eat, my health, and the work that I do. I am grateful to be me, to have another day to be of service in any way I can, and to spread love an joy to everyone I meet."

With your cellphone or camera, take a picture of something around you that you are grateful for. Share your gratitude with someone else by forwarding the picture or by posting it!
twitter: @wellwvu

Sunshine meditation

Sit or lie in a relaxed position.
Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
Feel each part grow as it relaxes and grows heavy.
With each exhalation of the breath, feel the body becoming heavier.
Keep breathing, slowly and deeply, while maintaining your relaxed state of body and mind.
Visualize the sun in the distance. It's a bright yellow and withe light but not distressing on your eyes.
As you relax, your body begins to feel very light and then begins to lift from your position and float above you. You are still keeping your focus on the sun.
You begin to drift slowly closer and closer, the heat never intensifies but the warmth remains like a soft blanket wrapped around you on a chilly night. The sun continues to grow larger and larger as you get closer.

Give someone else the gift of gratitude.

Share your own experience of using the chillPACK to explore your own personal gratitude with someone else. Or refer them to WELLWVU for their own chillPACK to give the gift of gratitude.