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Mental Health

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

At the end of your initial consultation session, the clinician you met with might recommend you come back for group or individual counseling sessions; you are free to accept this recommendation or not. If you decide to participate in short term counseling you will be matched with a counselor based on experience, area of concern, and availability. When you meet with this clinician you will have an opportunity to develop treatment goals and arrange regular sessions (weekly, twice a month or less frequently). Sessions are typically scheduled for 45-50 minutes.

Many students find that their concerns are resolved in 3-4 sessions. You may see a clinician for up to 12 sessions without incurring further cost. After 12 sessions, if further treatment is clinically indicated and approved, a $25 service fee is assessed for each session. Students who desire or need specialized or longer term care may be referred to providers in the community who can provide this care.

Some of the problems students frequently want to discuss include:

-Mood and anxiety concerns

-Difficulties adjusting to WVU

-Self-esteem concerns, including sensitivity to criticism and chronic self-doubt

-Troubling feelings, including excessive worry, moodiness, or irritability

-Relationship difficulties with roommates, family, or boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse

-Traumatic or other difficult events, including past or current abuse, or sexual assault

-Identity issues, such as concerns around sexual orientation

-Eating problems, including overeating, fear of eating, and fear of gaining weight