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Mental Health

Educational and Career Counseling

Educational and Career Counseling

Educational Counseling

It is not unusual for students to have concerns that are related to their academics. Including poor academic performance, time management or concentration difficulties, or test anxiety.

Counseling or student success coaching can be helpful in addressing these concerns. Free Student Success Coaching is available at the WVU Office of Retention and can be accessed by calling 304-293-5811. These services (and other very helpful tutoring options) are also described on their webpage at:

Educational Counseling that addresses issues related to test anxiety, poor academic performance or concentration concerns is also available at The Carruth Center Of Psychological and Psychiatric services.

Career Counseling

A normal part of student’s development in college is identifying values, interests and skills in relation to a future career. Counselors who specialize in these and related concerns are available at the Career Service Center. You can access these services by calling (304) 293-2221 or by visiting their office in the Mountainlair. These services are also described on their webpage at :

Students who are participating in ongoing counseling at The Carruth Center for Psychological and Psychiatric Services may also in the course of their therapy have questions about how their values interests and skills fit with potential majors and/or careers. These concerns can also be addressed during the counseling process or may be resolved collaboratively with counselors at Career Services.