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April 1st, 2016

WELLWVU has been leading the way to a culture that embraces health and wellbeing on the West Virginia University campus since 2009. The Office of Wellness and Health Promotion has held true to its mission statement by fostering an environment allowing students to thrive and succeed academically, personally and as citizens in their communities. WELLWVU realizes that in order for students to be at their best they need to be aware of whole-person wellbeing. In order to achieve this students need to be able to balance all dimensions of life to be successful in academics, relationships and the workplace. This can prove difficult, and for this reason WELLWVU has designed its liveWELL programs. The liveWELL campaigns do an excellent job of representing all important dimensions of well-being. These campaigns include drinkWELL, loveWELL, chillWELL, eatWELL, sleepWELL, moveWELL and testWELL. Each liveWELL program spawns a unique campaign that students are able to relate to, get involved in and benefit from.

WELLWVU also acknowledges the fact that almost every college student feels stressed on a daily basis, and that being stressed makes it difficult to liveWELL. This is why WELLWVU has decided to lead the charge, and to provide students with useful tools to reduce and eliminate stress. The three step process that WELLWVU suggests is to first, develop resilience to stress, then to re-hardwire your mind and lastly to transform your stress. The Office of Wellness and Health Promotion also has plenty of easily accessible resources for students to reference including educational workshops, the HeartMath Lab, physical education classes including yoga and meditation classes, the WELLWVU website, the social media content, events and SWAT (the Student Wellness Ambassador Team).

Check out the webinar here:

November 13th, 2014

Some students consider the college experience highly stressful, while others believe it to be the best time in life. There are even those who find both of these to be true during different periods.

Regardless of perception, such a time is unique in providing you the opportunity to begin creating your life. Choosing a major, classes, friends, activities and places to live all impact who and how we want to be in the world. These choices can be exciting and daunting. Most are rooted in our common desire to be happy. But how many of us look at creating happiness as a primary goal? Can we learn happiness? And if all of these choices are rooted in our desire to create happiness, why are college students so stressed?

chillWELL, WELLWVU’s November/December liveWELL theme, is here to help.


What often gets in the way of happiness- our ability to fulfill our fullest potential- is ourselves. How we think, act and speak has a dramatic effect on how we perceive and respond to the world around us, which directly affects our happiness levels. Lifting the veil of stress, we can more easily find that which excites us about our life purpose.

chillWELL aims to provide students with tools and environments that help transform stress. Programs like HeartMath® can help you recognize and change your physiological response to stress. The chillPACK, available online, can help you look for the good in life.

Small changes can have a big impact. Did you know your brain is 31 percent more productive on positive than on negative, neutral or stressed? So increasing happiness levels is actually good for your GPA!

Our WELLgo calendar teaches time and energy management strategies to prevent that frazzled stress state that is all too common in the weeks leading up to finals. Mantra workshop can help you develop awareness of your self-talk and choose language that’s supportive and uplifting. Yoga and meditation classes teach skills to cultivate presence and expand into a more relaxed way of being.

Since most of the stress in our lives comes from ruminating over a past event or worrying about a future one, learning how to: ‘be – here –now’ is a powerful antidote to stress.

We have our third and final chillFEST planned from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Nov. 19 at the Mountainlair. Including all of the above programs, chillFEST also offers massage and art activities.

Drop-in yoga and meditation classes are available in the yoga studio in the Health and Education Building. Check out the full schedule on our chillWELL page.

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October 21st, 2014

Let’s talk about talking.

This year, loveWELL has expanded to be more inclusive of communication and the role it plays in fostering healthy relationships. No matter if it is long-term, one-month, or one-night, any relationship can benefit from healthy communication between partners.

Steer clear from the assumption that focusing on the physical somehow excludes building healthy relationships or that emphasizing the importance of communication doesn’t apply to those who choose to just hook up. The more open you are about what you want, like, or don’t like, the more fulfilling- both physically and emotionally- that relationship will be for you.


In the past, loveWELL resources were much more medical in nature, such as where to go for STI screenings or birth control. Now the campaign has expanded from being very focused on safe sex and STI prevention to being much broader in highlighting other resources that exist. For example, if someone feels that he or she has been either sexually assaulted or harmed in a relationship, that person can access counseling services at WELLWVU Carruth or other locations.

Did you know that 43 percent of dating college women report experiencing abusive dating behaviors including physical, sexual, tech, verbal, or controlling abuse?

Learn more about relationships.

September 16th, 2014

Welcome to bWELL, the WELLWVU blog.

As we settle in to our new home in the Health and Education building on the Evansdale Campus and prepare for an exciting year ahead, we want to begin offering you a closer look at your one-stop shop for health and wellness needs.


So, what should you expect to see in this space? WELLWVU staff chats, new project previews, and web resource highlights are just some of the topics to come.
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