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The Scoop on Drinking and Date Rape Drugs

The Scoop on Drinking and Date Rape Drugs

Can you pass this drug test?

  1. Alcohol and date rape drugs can make you helpless and unable to consent to sexual activity. True / False
  2. Alcohol and date rape drugs can cause loss of inhibition and loss of consciousness. True / False
  3. Date rape drugs often have no odor, color or taste, so they are easy to disguise in most flavored drinks. True / False
  4. It’s possible to have no memory of what you’ve done when you’ve had too much to drink or taken or been given date rape drugs. True / False
  5. Date rape drugs are especially dangerous when combined with alcohol. True / False
  6. Roofies and Georgia Home Boy are street names for two of the most popular date rape drugs. True / False
  7. Alcohol is actually the most common date rape drug because it’s involved in 90 percent of all rapes that occur on campus. True / False

If you answered “True” to all seven questions, you’re probably aware of the dangers of alcohol and the date rape drugs called Rohypnol and GHB.

Alcohol is not necessarily seen as a date rape drug, but alcohol is often used by someone trying to initiate sexual activity or commit sexual assault because drinking and partying are often commonplace. Rohypnol and GHB, along with the popular club drug Ecstasy (MDMA), are especially dangerous because they are easy to slip into almost any drink, don’t change the color of the beverage and sometimes don’t even give off a smell or taste.

Alcohol and date rape drugs can cause loss of inhibition, loss of consciousness and loss of memory—they can incapacitate you and make it impossible for you to give consent to sexual activity or refuse an unwanted sexual advance. That’s why alcohol and date rape drugs are so commonly involved in sexual assaults—and that’s why they’re so dangerous.

Remember: alcohol and date rape drugs can be used on anyone—male or female.

Six Ways to Protect Yourself

  1. Never put your drink down. Keep your drink in your hand, even when you go to the bathroom.
  2. If your drink is out of your sight, even for seconds, get a new one.
  3. Don’t accept a drink from anyone—unless you can watch the bartender pour it.
  4. Don’t share drinks.
  5. Don’t drink from punch bowls or open containers.
  6. Don’t drink anything that tastes even a little strange. Sometimes, GHB can taste salty.

What to Do If You Suspect Sexual Assault

  1. Tell someone you trust right away.
  2. Go to the campus health center or hospital as soon as possible.
  3. Don’t urinate if you can help it. Rohypnol stays in your body for 72 hours, and GHB stays in the body for 12 hours.
  4. Don’t bathe, douche, brush your teeth or change clothes. Your body and everything on it provide evidence.
  5. Talk to a counselor.
  6. Do not blame yourself—no one deserves to be sexually assaulted.


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